Improve your quality of life and enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile that long-term denture stability brings. Mork Dental offers several different types of denture implants and restorations available. Schedule a visit with Dr. Mork to discuss which option is the best choice for your smile.

SynCone Fixed Denture

Feel confident with strong, stable teeth. SynCone makes your “third set” of teeth feel like your “second set”. A locked connection of the denture to the jawbone is free of play and offers complete stability and dependability.

The surgical procedure and the prosthetic restoration take approximately two hours, all of which happens under anesthesia for a comfortable experience. This process is more stable than a conventional “bridge” and offers a more hygienic future for your smile.

Implants for Dentures

Implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.  Dental implants help create a strong foundation for denture placement. Dr. Mork has received specialized training on both placing the implant and creating the crown or denture to restore them.

Mini Dental Implants

These small-diameter implants are designed to hold dentures securely and firmly in place. Mini Dental implants are affordable and comfortable. More importantly, they keep your dentures secure so you can enjoy your favorite foods, conversation & laughter without worry.

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